If you are using the Netgear router at your home or office network, then you should be aware of the latest security threats which can cause slow internet and no internet.You might have faced several  connectivity problems in your Netgear router.Here we are discussing some of those issues: 


Netgear support router issues: 

       Netgear  support router not connecting to the internet. 

       Netgear router shows internet access but cannot access anything. 

       Asus laptop cannot connect to the Netgear N600 router. 

       Netgear 32  router needs to be reboot daily almost to establish a connection. 

       When Netgear  router is connected to the modem, I can’t have access to the internet. 

       Netgear  wireless issues security problems. 



Some guidelines to solve Netgear router issues: 


If you cannot access the network follow the steps given below: 


       Connect your system to the modem  directly by disconnecting it with the router. 

1. If you don’t have internet access contact to your ISP. 

2. If you are having  internet access then you need to connect your router as before you are doing. 


       Now you need to login to your router if you are facing the issue in logging in to your router, then you can follow below steps: 

1. Secure all cables attached top the computer and router. 

2. If not refer to any manual, then the LED of the internet is shown. 


       You need to check the port of the router if Ethernet cable is not lit with the cable If LED still doesn't lit then 

1.    You need to check the LED on the wireless adapter for the wireless device. 


       Then power off the router and again on the power. 

       Also, perform the factory default reset. 

       If you cannot login see Restoring a Netgear home router to the factory default settings. 

       If you are login to the router then  run the router’s Smart  Wizard. 

       If you get dynamic IP address then access the Netgear online test page and click the Smart Wizard test. 

       If you don't find the IP address then follow these steps: 

1. Power off the router. 

2. Power off the modem. 

3. Power on the router. 

4. Power on the modem. 

5. Repeat step 2 



If even after seeing the IP address of the modem, you can’t get access to the internet then have a look on your browser settings, sometimes it also causes problems. 

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