The future is depends upon the internet. Google can change the world of thoughts by its most accessible search engine and web browser chrome. Chrome was amongst the highest using web browser throughout the world. So by using google chrome, the user should know how chrome is different from other web browsers which made it as top browser through the world. 

So in this article, we will differentiate browsers which help the user to know how google chrome is different from others. 



  • Fast browsing speed 

  • Tabs are controlled 

  • Home pages are more dynamic as compared to other browsers 

  • PDF file format and flash are built in 

  • It has specialty of sync browsing that allows access to browser from any computer 

  • Searches through Chrome are so much simpler 

  • Better security as compared to other browsers 

  • Easily available to download through the internet 

  • It takes less memory space  

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  • Memory space is large 

  • Require high privacy 

  • It takes high internet speed to be run 

  • More customization 

  • It gives add- on 

  • Offer lot of help and support on Firefox tutorial 


As compared to chrome Firefox become complex to use because google chrome gives much more user-friendly functions than chrome. Mozilla Firefox is also not good when it comes to memory size as it gets high memory on the system. 


  • Bug occurs in internet explorer and to fix them is time-consuming 

  • Installation of software will be slow 

  • So much security in active-x control 

  • Lot of built in feature to synchronize bookmarks 

  • There is always a confusion between 32bit and 64bit version of internet explorer 

  • Inbuilt in windows operating system 


As compared to google chrome internet explorer is much more complex to use for the user. The use of internet explorer is more time consuming as compared to google chrome. These are dissimilarities between chrome and internet explorer otherwise explorer is also good for windows user. 

  • It has lots of customization offers 

  • Support system is missing sometimes 

  • It is difficult to delete cookies when exit automatically 

  • It have feature of clean up unnecessary junk 

  • Fast download only for mac user 


Safari is a web browser developed by apple.The basic difference between chrome and apple is that chrome is compatible with all operating systems but sometimes Safari is not compatible for all operating system. It is smoothly run only in apple laptops.Other operating system faces problem to install safari on their system.

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