Gmail is a mailing service which provides by Google. In this service, we can communicate easily to the other and enjoy the service of Gmail. It uses for sending the doc files, images with the other. We can send an email to many people at a time. 

 Gmail is one of the popular mailing services of google it works very well after creating this Gmail id and then you can enjoy the Gmail service. If you will create the account of Gmail then you will provide a Gmail id. This id is very useful to the help for creating the account at the other social sites(Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.), classified sites (Amazon, Locanto, Claz, etc.) where we need the account creating. It helps those sites for creating an account. Without any Gmail id, you can’t  create any account for the other sites. So Gmail account is very essential. Now, I am going to tell you about the types of Gmail features which are available in Gmail account. There are many features of Gmail which are enjoying for the Gmail users which are following:

1.    Gmail Offline

2.    Set up the signature in Gmail

3.    Auto forwarding certain messages

4.    Gmail labs

5.    See the Places from you will have logged in into your account

6.    Learn Gmail with supports

7.    Desktop Notification

8.    Personal Level indicators

9.    Export contact into excel

10.    Archiving emails in Gmails

11.    Important Contacts from CSV to Gmail

12.    Manage Your Inbox efficiently by creating labels and filters

13.    Convert Gmail Mails into PDF

14.    Mark important emails using Gmail star functionality

15.    Backup your emails

16.    Automatically Reply when out of office or on vacation

17.    Gmail attachment reminder

18.    Delete or turn off web history in your Gmail account

Gmail service has offered by Google. If we want to delete all emails in Gmail account at one time under a particular label or under a particular tab like as social, primary or promotion. this may be chances that we are using page by page deletion method. Gmail provides the guidelines for deleting all gmails. Then we read this care fully and follow these guidelines. Then Gmail can delete all emails at one time in few clicks. It provides this special features to forwarding emails to other email accounts.

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